Sands School: una scuola democratica tra le più significative del Regno Unito

Posted on 9 Aprile 2015 by Andrea Sola

Whole School Photo

 Welcome to Sands School

Our school is so different from the mainstream that it is hard know where to start!

It looks different – there is no uniform or even a dress-code for students.

It sounds different – there are no clanging bells or unnatural quietness.

But mainly it feels different – there is no “us and them” division between staff and students

This all stems from Sands being a democratic school: students and staff run the school and make decisions together in a spirit of equality and mutual respect. There is no head teacher, no one is called ‘sir’ or ‘miss’, a student chairs the School Meeting and the student council sorts out the day-to-day niggles of school life. Listening to what our students say has shaped how we learn and live together by:

Allowing students to go at their own pace in the classroom;

Keeping class sizes small;

Allowing students to sit exams when they, as individuals, are ready;

Re-introducing practical life skills in the school day such as cooking, debating, cleaning and building;

Valuing the students as physical and emotional beings not just as exam candidates;

Good food and eating together as a central part of the day.


As you browse through the website we hope you will see how listening to students and trying to create a happy learning environment has led to a successful alternative to conventional schooling. Or you can get a feel for what life at Sands is really like by having a look at this SHORT FILM made by one of our recent students, Rosa. And if you think that Sands might be the right school for you – COME AND VISIT US!