Sands School: una scuola democratica tra le più significative del Regno Unito

Whole School Photo

 Welcome to Sands School

Our school is so different from the mainstream that it is hard know where to start!

It looks different – there is no uniform or even a dress-code for students.

It sounds different – there are no clanging bells or unnatural quietness.

But mainly it feels different – there is no “us and them” division between staff and students

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Peter Gray, Lasciateli giocare.

da L’Internazionale (12/2013)

Per approfondire si possono ascoltare le conferenze di Peter Gray (in inglese) a questi link: (prima parte) (seconda parte)

Peter Gray ha recentemente pubblicato il libro “Free to learn”

L’ultimo articolo di Peter Gray qui (in inglese)

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